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The 2019 Society Calendar

  • January: Saturday, January 12th, 2-5 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society and the San Diego Music and Audio Guild will hold a special joint meeting at the Ultimate Ears production facility in Irvine (3 Jenner Street, Suite 180, Irvine, CA 92618).  Sud Munshi, Lab Technician, will take you behind the scenes of how in-ear monitors are manufactured at Ultimate Ears. Each product is handcrafted, precision-tuned and custom tailored to fit the unique contours of the ear, isolating it from any external noise. This starts with a unique digital scan or physical impression of the ear. Experts modify the shape to improve comfort and fit for all of the key audio and electronic components where each detail is meticulously developed. The custom ear shell is printed using the latest 3D printing techniques. Ultimate Ears has been 3D printing since 2015 to ensure a better fitting, more accurate product. We’ll follow up the tour with a Q&A and demo new products the UE 6 PRO and UE LIVE. Special pricing is 20% off on both products and we’ll raffle a UE LIVE! Special event pricing will be available on selected products. Eastwind Import will be on hand to offer especially selected Vinyl and CDs for sale. A raffle is planned and a delicious lunch will be provided. Members of both societies, music lovers and visitors are invited. Free parking is available.
  • February: February 3rd: GEORGE MEYER AV CLINIC EVENT: All members invited via appointment only
    Also in February: Sunday, February 17th, 2-5 PM: Scott Walker Audio, Anaheim
  • March: Saturday, March 16th, 2-5 PM: The Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society will hold its monthly meeting at High End by Oz (1648 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024; telephone (424) 344-0011.)

    Our host, Oz Turan, will be on hand to demo
    Audio Solutions Figaro XL Speakers, Vitus Audio SIA 25 mk.II Integrated amplifier, Vitus Audio SCD 025 mkII CD Player and Ansuz Acoustics A2 cables and accessories in his audio studio. A special event format has been designed for members of the society who wish to reserve a guaranteed seat for their listening pleasure. 12 reserved seats will be available on the hour for 45 minutes beginning at 10 AM and running through 3:00 PM.  Call (424) 344-0011 to make your reservation but no reservation is required to attend!  High End by Oz will offer over 800 selected vinyl records for sale.

    A raffle is planned and special food and drink will be provided. Parking is available & free or paid in the neighborhood.  Guests, visitors and members alike are invited.

  • April: Sunday, April 14th: Shelley's Stereo, Woodland Hills
    Also in April: Sunday, April 28th: GEORGE MEYER AV CLINIC EVENT: All members invited via appointment only
  • May: Saturday, May 18th, 5-7:30 PM: Brooks Berdan, Ltd., Monrovia
  • June: <TBA>

  • July : Sunday, June 21st, 2-5PM: Common Wave HiFi, Los Angeles
  • August: Sunday, August 18th, 2-5 PM: The Source AV Design Group, Torrance
  • September: Saturday, September 21st, 2-5 PM: Sunny Components Inc., Covina

  • October : Sunday, October 13th: Excel Audio, Newport Beach
    Also in October: Sunday, October 27th: GEORGE MEYER AV CLINIC EVENT: All members invited via appointment only
  • November: Sunday, November 17th: Weinhart Design, Bel Air
  • December: Sunday, December 8th: 26th Annual Gala

For any information or questions about the Society, just Email me personally at or call me at (714)281-5850..